ChorChek uses blockchain technology and small data to streamline your processes and data collection. We’re here to make your chores as simple as humanly possible and help ensure they’re taken as accurately as a saint. The technology on our farms have advanced ten fold, but our recordkeeping is extremely lagging.

| That’s why we’re here.

We’re using some of the newest technology on the block to help take your operation to the next level. When you log onto the website, you’re able to add the specific parameters to your operation and your barns that best fit your daily chores. After that, you’re able to use the app on your cell phone day in and day out.

ChorChek uses a barn node and a barn hub to function. The barn hub is comparable to a wi-fi router as it is a centralized control piece that collects all of the data from the barn. The barn hub can recognize when employees are near the barn. The barn node, however, is in a specified location and a time stamped device. The idea is to put the barn node on the opposite end of the entrance to the barn so that the employee walks past the animals and presses the button on the barn node signaling that they were there and have now completed their chores.

Every day we’re working on creating technologies that help make your life easier. From feed and water to pit levels and electric use, we’re taking the time to put processes in place so that you can have Chors done right.

A chain of blocks, literally. When new entries or transactions occur in the blockchain, new blocks are created using data and information from blocks before it. Once data is added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed or deleted without others knowing. Every single time a chore is completed it’s recorded. When it’s recorded, it has a date and time stamp connected to it, which is then put on the blockchain.

Do you remember as a child playing ‘telephone’ where you told a friend a phrase and then they told another friend and so on and so forth? But at the end of the game the last person didn’t have the same phrase as the first person. Blockchain and ChorChek are putting a stop the the childhood telephone game (sorry kids).

The person who’s at the very end of the chain now gets the same exact message the first person intended on telling.

| Transparency at it’s finest.

| Because you care. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

It’s a day and age where there are constant battles we’re facing between weather, markets, politics, what have you. Keeping track of good records on paper takes entirely too much time and effort. You have other, bigger fish to fry. Get back to working on your business in a visionary role and not with all the nitty gritty. Let this opportunity help you get back to focusing on what you enjoy doing most.

We all want more of the moments pictured here. Let ChorChek work for you so your mind can be more focused on where it wants to be and not where it might have to be.

Let's Get Started.

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