Lukas Fricke
Jerry Prange

Call us new-fashioned but we need to seriously up our recordkeeping game.

Our barns, farms, lots, and yards are completely different than 100 years ago; so why are we still using paper to track, record, and share information? If you do have a digital system, more times than not it is cumbersome and not really user friendly.

I’m not just some guy trying to sell a product you will use for a month (at best) then forget about. I’m a person in our family’s hog barns every day using our system. It’s time our methods of recording and sharing data is upgraded and done right.

We’re ready to prove what we’ve done, are doing, and will do - is done the right way the first time.

Lukas Fricke
Founder & Co-Owner
Jerry Prange
CEO & Co-Owner
Brenden Fricke

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