ChorChek is changing the way farmers and producers manage their daily tasks by streamlining their processes and data collection.
Paperwork sucks and transparency is hard to prove. Wrong. ChorChek is here to be a catalyst on your operation and eliminate annoying paperwork.
How It Works
We use block chain technology and small data to streamline your processes and data collection. Bluntly put, we want to make your life simpler.
Let's Get Started
Ready to make your lifestyle easier? Let us help you. Quick and easy installation and you’ll have more time on your hands in no time. Literally.
Less Paperwork
Paperwork doesn’t feed the world, so let’s make it easy. We built in major quality assurance program default forms so you spend less time filling out boxes and more time doing what you enjoy.
We’re built to grow… just like your farm. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 1,000,000 animals, ChorChek is set up to help - no matter the size.
Reachable Anytime, Anywhere
Long gone are the days of needing cellular or internet on your farm. With ChorChek we use a private network that works where you are. No need to pay for another internet or phone bill to use a piece of technology.
Clean System
People lie. We hate to say it but, it happens. Through ChorChek we’re able to help you keep a tab on tasks and scenarios, giving you more time to find potential problems and less time spent cleaning them up.
See the ease and simplicity yourself.
Let's Get Started.

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